Foam board Monogram for my room door. Me and my two other roommates all have them on our doors 🙂

What you will need:

– Dollar Store Foam Board

– Razor blade

– colored pen

– tape

– Large print out from Office Depot


If you have photoshop and you know how to use it, great! Do that. I just used plain old Microsoft Word on my Mac book. I used the font Monogram KK, click the link to download it for free.

Once you print the monogram as big as it can be on a plain sheet of computer paper, take it in to office depot, office max, etc. to get an enlarged copy. I went to fed ex and it was like $4 each!! I’ve heard Office Depot does it for half that. Cut the paper down to where it will fit on to the foam board and tape it to make sure it is secure and will not move.



With a colored pen trace around the letters just a little bit wider than the font. This will make it more sturdy and allow for a few mistakes. I used a colored pen so that I could tell easily where I had traced. When tracing you want to trace it firmly so that you get the imprint in the foam board. Look closely at the picture below to see the imprint. If you think that would be too hard to see you can use tracing paper or carbon paper in-between the foam board and large copied monogram. I didn’t have any handy so this worked just fine for me.



With your razor blade carefully cut through both sides of the foam board. Have a few extra razors on hand because you want a sharp blade for more accuracy. You can flip the board and cut from the back too If the first cut didn’t go all the way through. I have heard the dollar store foam boards are easier to cut through since they are cheaply made and the paper on each side of the foam is thinner.


Mine is no where near perfect and the edges were pretty rough and jagged if you look closely. My roommate’s was a lot cleaner and she spray painted hers, it turned out great. I decided I wanted a print so I covered it. Luckily the cover hid a lot of the imperfections 🙂 I got decorative napkins and pealed the decorated layer of the napkin off so it would be thinner. I used Spray Adhesive and sprayed the entire monogram and let it sit for about a minute then layed the pieces of napkin on the monogram, making sure to align the pattern. Smooth over the napkins to make sure they are attached to the monogram and there are no air bubbles. Turn the monogram over, and cut through the napkin in the spaces of the monogram. Spray the spray adhesive and fold the cut napkin up on to the back of the monogram to secure it. Continue until all edges are covered.


ALL DONE! I used sticky tack to hang mine on my room door. The K and the T are very sturdy since they are attached at the top and bottom but the M was falling all over the place so that letter just needed a little bit more sticky tack.


Much Love,

-Feelin’ Crafty.


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