Revamped Goodwill Dresser


So not only has pinterest fully convinced me that I can completely decorate my new home with DIY crafts, but apparently I am now an expert blogger… I mean everyone posts how they made their projects, so now I have to too, right?!

I am moving from a fully furnished apartment to a completely empty unfurnished Duplex. I am a recent college grad and underemployed, so obviously i’m on a tight budget. I have a board on my pinterest of “Ideas for the Duplex” and after months of pinning I am finally convinced that it is going to happen, and I can make my new home SUPER CUTE!

My first order of business: get a dresser. I knew I wanted a short long dresser because that meant so much more counter space!! And its 6 drawers, as opposed to the tall 4-5 drawer dresser. I spent hours upon hours on craigslist and shopping in thriftstores to find a dresser I liked. Finally in Goodwill I found it. The perfect dresser (with a horrible pointless door thing) for only $30!! I was sold. I bought it immediately and borrowed my friends SUV to take it home. Getting it home was quite the ordeal but that’s another story.

Here’s the Dresser I found.

Original Dresser

Unfortunately the top looked like this..


Bubbled up water stains? Old age? I don’t know.. I am not a furniture expert by any means. Seeing this I knew I needed to cover it. I decided I needed a print fabric that’s brown and tan to cover the top and then paint the dresser coral. To match the color scheme of my comforter.

Now the part you want to know about. What all will I need?? If you have this stuff laying around, Great! I didn’t, of course. So I had to go out and buy it all. Total of $89

Home Depot: $63                                                                           pink-salmon

-Satin Enamel paint. I got a quart of Glidden Pink Salmon. >>

-Sanding Block

-Medium Grit Sand Paper

-Kilz 2 Primer (A quart, not gallon, was more than enough)

-Foam rollers

-Angled brush (for paint)

-Regular Straight Brush (for Mod Podge)

JoAnn’s: $10 w/ coupon

-Mod Podge Matte finish, two big bottles.

Hancock Fabric: $16

-1 yard of Fabric. Fabric was ~ 52″ long and my dresser was ~ 56″ long so I was just barely short.


(Horrible Picture I know) but this is the fabric I bought, I didn’t like how white it was so I dyed it with coffee. See below.

For each of these following steps I took about an hour and a half each day to work on. Not too bad I think.


Remove knobs and handles, and put them in a safe place. Use the medium grit sand paper and wrap around sanding block. Sand entire surface until you feel the shiny lacquer stuff over the wood has been removed. My mistake was doing this inside with no cover on the ground… My roommates love me 🙂 So lets just say there was ALOT of sweeping. Sand a section sweep it up, sand a section sweep it up, and so on and so on. I took off that horrible door and tested to see if Diesel’s bed fit. I decided on using my extra fabric to put on the walls of that cubby.



Remove the drawers. Use your foam roller to prime the entire surface of the dresser, and drawers, that will be painted. Do TWO coats, see the difference in one coat and two?? Wait until the first coat is dry before applying second coat. I didn’t care too much about getting the primer into the grooves, but that’s up to you. Wash roller as soon as you’re finished.



Use foam roller to apply two coats of paint. Don’t do second coat until first coat is dry. Use the angled brush to get in the crevices, like the design on my drawers. If you are putting fabric on a section you do not need to paint that part but I did the entire thing anyways to see how it looked. make sure to paint the sides of the drawers. I just did one coat of paint and primer for the sides because who really cares. This paint is really a cute coral color, not the super bright pepto bismal pink that my camera thinks it is.



If you dyed your fabric make sure it is fully dryed.                                                                       THIS NEXT PART IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!  Use your regular straight brush to Mod-Podge the top of the fabric first!!! I layed my fabric out on wax paper. Modpodging it first allows you to cut the fabric and it have a super sharp edge with no frays. I Cut my fabric into sections, Just a little bit bigger than I needed, so that I could cut it down and have a sharp line.



Let the fabric COMPLETELY DRY, this is SO important.

Top piece:  I layed it out on top of the dresser exactly the way I wanted it, with it laying over the top just a touch. I folded the fabric up, where It would lay perfectly with the edge of the dresser. This sharp folded line made a perfect line to cut on. I mod-poged section by section (about 6″ wide and entire depth) from left to right. Smooth it out as you go to get rid of any bubbles. I used the edge of my ruler. Cut off remaining fabric in the back. Doesn’t have to be perfect since its against a wall. Another option would be to wrap the fabric around the front edge of the dresser, but I liked cutting it at the edge better. I feel it makes it look sharper.

Cubby walls:  I measured and cut the three pieces to the dimensions of the cubby walls, except I left the top longer and folded it over the top of the wall. Mod-Podge the fabric to the walls and smooth it out, again I used my ruler. And another again, the pink is not really this pink, its coral.



Do you see now why you needed TWO big bottles of mod-podge?? Once the fabric is adhered to the dresser, AND FULLY DRYED, you can start the next step. I did two coats of mod-podge on top of the fabric pieces, once again applying second coat when first coat is fully dryed. Like i’m talking about put a coat on, go out and treat yourself to a sit down dinner, because your almost done, then come back and apply another coat. Make sure to really seal the edges of the fabric. You don’t want it pealing up. I found 2 coats was enough but apply as many as you want. I’ve heard putting a sealant on top of the mod-podge is important but i’m lazy and didn’t do that, hopefully it’ll be fine, I mean COME ON I used TWO giant bottles of Mod-Podge!! But when it was all said and done I think it turned out great!! SEE!  I promise its coral not Highlighter pink 🙂



I tried to buy knobs and pulls from hobby lobby, but little did I know.. pulls are not all a standard size. Unfortunately the super cute ones I bought were too wide to fit the holes in my drawers 😦 But I did find cute knobs. I decided to buy a bronze spray paint and paint the original pulls. To finish your dresser just re-attach all the knobs and pulls (when dry) and your all done!!





Overall I am super excited with how it turned out, and it wasn’t that hard.. even for a newb like me 🙂 It was a little more expensive than I had hoped but HEY a $119 super cute dresser is way better than a $200 boring dresser. And now I have all the supplies to do it again!

and don’t forget to check out how to coffee dye fabric below!


Much love,

-Feelin’ Crafty

Fabric Coffee Dye: (can also use tea)

1. Brew enough coffee to fully immerse fabric in large pot.
2. Bring coffee to a boil and turn off heat.
3. Put fabric into coffee and make sure all air pockets are out.
4. Leave in coffee for 1 hour. Trust me 10 minutes is not enough.. I tried.
5. Rinse with water (I skipped this step, oops)
6. Hang to dry outside.


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